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Adult and Child Swimming Lessons

This is our entry level programme offering swimming lessons designed for children aged 4 months – 4 years which requires adult support for your child in the water. The ratio for support is one adult to one child unless by prior agreement.

The age groups are generally split into classes for children 4 months – 2 years and 2 years – 4 years. These sessions provide an opportunity for children to develop water confidence through structured fun, games and activities and are a perfect start on a child’s swimming pathway.

The swimming teacher will be in the water leading the lesson. Children have the opportunity to gain the ASA Duckling Awards.

These lessons run for 38 weeks per year and payment is by direct debit monthly.​

We currently run Adult & Child lessons at the following leisure centres:

  • Aireborough Leisure Centre
  • Armley Leisure Centre​
  • Kippax Leisure Centre
  • Kirkstall Leisure Centre
  • Morley Leisure Centre
  • Rothwell Leisure Centre
  • Scott Hall Leisure Centre
  • Wetherby Leisure Centre

    Demand is high so you may be placed on a waiting list. If you are interested please contact the Leisure Centre where you would wish to attend.

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    Preparing for swimming lessons at home

    Increasing confidence in the water

    Parents can play an active role in increasing water confidence in babies and young children from an early stage. Bath time activities can help to introduce your child to a number of aquatic experiences in a warm and comfortable environment. Children should be encouraged and helped to wet their faces and tummies, splash, blow bubbles, sing and play in the bath to get them used to the water environment.

    Our adult and child swimming lessons or our family swim sessions are another excellent way to engage your child in water activities in a fun environment and build water confidence.

    Please find below some ideas for exercises and activities you can do with your child at home to get them used to being in and around water -