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Positive Futures

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Who We Are

Positive Futures is a national, sport-based social inclusion programme for children and young people aged 10-19/25, offering opportunities to engage in employment, education and training commissioned by the West Yorkshire Police and crime commissioner.​


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Get On Track

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Get On Track Returns in June,

If you are interested in gaining employment, accessing training or education, taking part in sport and aged between 16-25, the the 'Get On Track' programme is for you.

'Get On Track' provides you with the opportunities, motivation and confidence you need to enhance your chances of employment.

You will be mentored by World Class athletes, who have experienced the highs and lows of world class competition.

Get on track is split into four stages. On your marks,Get Set, Go and Keep In Touch.

On your marks is the first stage of the programme where learning activities are used to imporve the communication, teamwork and resilience of the young people and help form a bond between the group and the athlete mentors.

This is a three day engagement activity full of high energy sessions designed to build a group of young people into a team to go through the programme together.


Community Champions Programme

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Community Champions is designed to support and equip young people to become leaders and to increase social action within their communities.

The programme is an opportunity for young people who have laready completed the trust's flagship Get On Track mentoring programme, to develop their leadership skills further to become agents of social change within their peers, their families and their communities. This programme is part of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust initiatives.

Follow Liam Fisher's Community Champion story:

​​Increasing the rate of physical activity amongst the South Asian Girls population in Leeds- Research insight report- October 2017

In brief:

A recent children and young peoples physical activity needs assessment undertaken by Leeds City Council public health found that 54.5% of children and young people in Leeds report doing at least 7 hours a week of physical activity, roughly equivalent to the reccomended 1 hour a day.

The needs assessment also found that there was no statistically significant difference in the levels of physical activity were found to be significantly lower (41.2%)than that of any other ethnic group. Current evidence shows that physical activity in young people can positively impact educational attainment, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing aswell as reduce the risk of disease including excessive weight gain and raised blood pressure. At least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical actiivty per day.

Consultation was carried out by the Active Leeds Development Officer with a wide range of stakeholders including South Asian girls and their mothers, the children and young people's physical activity steering group and providers within the community.

Summary of reccomendations

- Raise awareness of the importance of being active to health, happiness and attainment with parents and the community, using social marketing and community engagement.

- Build relationships with local mosques, cultural leaders and community groups with the aim of incorporating the physical activity message into their agends.

- Ensure female only changing facilities are available and culturally appropriate clothing clothing is allowed and where possible offer girls only sessions.

- Provide alternatives to after school activity in lunchtimes and at weekends.

- Take an asset based community development approach, involving communities in designing, running and sustaining activities.

- Support Asian women to provide peer support, train as sports leaders and be role models.

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