Swim like a mermaid or shark and follow the Fin2Fit awards programme. It's a great introduction to swimming with a monofin and tail, a challenging workout but most of all lots of fun. Fin2Fit encourages water safety and works in partnership with the RLSS and is accredited by Swim England.

We offer Fin2Fit lessons at Pudsey and Armley leisure centres, Mermaid and Shark holiday activities for all swimming abilities (at most sites) and children's Mermaid and Shark parties (at selected sites).

Lessons:Once children have completed stage 5 they can join the Fin2Fit lesson where they work through Bronze, Silver, Gold Mermaid & Shark awards and distance awards.

Holiday Activities:We have three different holiday sessions available: 

Mini Mermaid and Shark adventure- A fun, games based, water confidence based session introducing young children to monofins. (Ages 4+ or for those who haven't achieved stage 5 can try Mermaid and Shark with a parent 1:1).

Mermaid & Shark Expereince- Children who have achieved stage 5 can experience being a mermaid or shark.

Mermaid and Shark camps- Mermaid & Shark experience (3, 4 or 5 days) working towards Bronze, Silver, Gold or distance awards.

For a birthday like no other, transform into a beautiful mermaid or a fast and fearsome shark wearing a specially desgined tail. Discover a new and exciting way of exploring the underwater world and play fun games with your fellow mermaids and sharks. For those aged 6 years and over. Available at Holt Park and Pudsey.