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What is the Postural Stability Programme- (Falls Prevention)?

Active Leeds offer a structured 20 week Postural Stability Programme of activities for people at the risk of falls. These 'Strength and Balance' sessions are designed to improve strength, balance and co-ordination for people with low mobility. The progressive sessions involve a mixture of chair based exercises and standing strength and balance exercises. Sessions are delivered by qualified instructors in a range of community venues across Leeds. Individuals are assessed at the start and end of the programme to help monitor progress towards increased mobility, strength and balance. After finishing the class there is opportunity for refreshments and social chat.



Aqua Strength and BalanceAqua Strength and Balance<div class="ExternalClass6AB06870DD504D4D8DC003CACF61969A"><p>​<span style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-family:"open sans", sans-serif;font-size:19px;font-weight:700;">Aqua- Strength and Balance</span></p><span style="color:#333333;font-family:"open sans", sans-serif;font-size:19px;background-color:#ffffff;"></span><p style="box-sizing:border-box;margin-top:0.3em;margin-bottom:1.1em;font-family:"open sans", sans-serif;color:#333333;font-size:19px;background-color:#ffffff;">Additional to our 20 week land based programme we also run a 6 week hydrotherapy pool programme for individuals who would feel more confident in a warm pool. We currently run this from Holt Park Active but are looking to expand further to Armley Leisure Centre.<br></p><p><br></p></div>
Aqua MobilityAqua Mobility<div class="ExternalClassD84B9C50834C4D769779ADF744CF47CC"><p>​</p><p style="box-sizing:border-box;margin-top:0.3em;margin-bottom:1.1em;font-family:"open sans", sans-serif;color:#333333;font-size:19px;background-color:#ffffff;"><span style="box-sizing:border-box;font-weight:700;">Aqua- Mobility</span><br style="box-sizing:border-box;"></p><p style="box-sizing:border-box;margin-top:0.3em;margin-bottom:1.1em;font-family:"open sans", sans-serif;color:#333333;font-size:19px;background-color:#ffffff;">We run Aqua - Mobility sessions which are open to anyone who feels they would benefit from low intensity movement in water. Helping improve their balance and strength. Sessions are delivered in the main pool and promotes gentle exercise in water. There is no loud music played in this class and no referral required, it’s open to all.<br></p><p><br></p></div>
Quality Assured SessionsQuality Assured Sessions<div class="ExternalClass432F09071FB44135A58BD02AA2199DE9"><p>​<b>Quality assured sessions:</b></p> <p>• Have been assessed against a Quality Assurance checklist to meet certain minimum standards.</p><p>• Are delivered by an appropriately qualified instructor.  </p><p>• Have been approved by the Leeds City Council Active Leeds Health Programmes Team. </p><p>For instructors and providers working towards and achieving a quality assurance award a range of support to enhance their sessions or programmes is provided by the Quality Assurance Scheme including:</p><p>• Practical support to attain the award such as guidance with venues and risk assessments.</p><p>• Support to develop new physical activity groups to recognised standards including identify gaps in provision and suitable venues and instructors.</p><p>• Support to individuals to attain appropriate training and refresher training to reach and maintain award standards.</p><p>• Helping participants to move from short term to long term groups by building links, pathways and communication between groups.</p><p>• Updating and maintaining promotional material and websites with information about all quality assured groups. </p><p>• Promotion of groups to partners and via networks including social media to encourage participation in quality assured groups.</p><p> <strong>Note:</strong> Active Leeds does not deliver any of the activities that has a Make It Fall Proof accreditation. These are external providers to Active Leeds and these groups have different policies and procedures to Active Leeds.</p><p>Active Leeds makes an assessment of these activities on an annual basis and the activity was of the desired standard on the day of assessment. Active Leeds cannot be held responsible for the quality of sessions or be responsible for any incident or injury caused in any of the quality assured activities after the assessment.   <br></p><p> <br> </p></div>

 Falls Prevention

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What is Active Leeds, is it Fall Proof Scheme?

The aim of the Is it Fall Proof Scheme is to develop a range of physical activity sessions in the community which help individuals improve their mobility, balance and strength and reduce their risk of falling. Strength and balance is considered to be one of the best interventions in reducing the risk of falls. Classes include Chair Based Exercise with standing balance work, Otago, Postural Stability and Tai Chi. We are creating a pathway for participants who are at risk of falling or have a fear of falling into appropriate classes held in the local community.


 The 'Is It Fall Proof?' Logo

The 'Is It Fall Proof?' Logo is only used to promote community groups which deliver physical activities that have been assessed as being suitable to reduce falls risk. This is so that the public can be reassured that groups that display the logo meet minimum standards and are delivered by an appropriately qualified instructor.

How to get involved

A referral isn’t required as a part of Make It Fall Proof. If you would like to attend a local session to improve strength and balance or manage a health condition, please see the timetable below. You will need to make contact with the provider for further information about accessing individual activities. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Health Programmes Team. 

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Contact Details

If you have any queries or would like to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Active Leeds Health Programmes Team

Phone:0113 3783680


Postal Address: John Charles Centre for Sport, middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ