Latest Closure and Reopening Updates

April Reopening Update

Like everyone at Active Leeds we hope you were excited by last night’s government announcement, around the easing of lockdown restrictions over the coming months.

It’s been a difficult time for everyone, but we feel encouraged by the latest news and cannot wait to welcome you all back (it’s been so long!).

Active Leeds are delighted to announce that plans are well underway for us to be able to open our doors for gym, swim sessions and children activities including swimming lessons, gymnastic and tennis programmes ready for the 12th April. Fingers crossed there are no more changes. We are just waiting for detailed information on the guidance to ensure we have everything in place to open and we will send further information out once this is clear.

We are committed to providing the same high level of service you enjoyed before this most recent lockdown.

Our bookings portals will be switched on up to nine days in advance of our reopening, to ensure you can all get booked onto your desired activity. We will continue to ask you to book and pay in advance for activities, so keep an eye open for more information on bookings over the coming weeks.

During lockdown all your Direct Debits have been suspended, these will be re-instated from April 12th if dates all stay the same. If you have any queries around your direct debit for membership or junior programmes please contact our customer contact centre on 0113 376 0398 between 8am and 4pm or email The first collection will be for those with a scheduled payment date of 15th April.

We hope you have all enjoyed our live streamed activities (fitness classes, mobility classes, gymnastic sessions etc) and On Demand videos during lockdown, and thank you to the many who have shared your positive feedback in our recent consultations. This is a service we will continue to provide once we reopen, and we will also be launching the full version of our Active Leeds On Demand product.

To thank you for your continued support during these challenging times, we will be rewarding our members with exclusive access to our improved live stream programme and the new ‘Active Leeds on Demand’ service. Active Leeds on Demand contains hundreds of hours of your favourite Active Leeds classes, to watch through your smart device or desktop whenever you like. This will be a paid for service, but you’ll be delighted to know that this service will be provided free of charge, as part of your paid for membership.

Any non-members will be able to take out an Active Leeds virtual membership as well as paying for one off sessions. More information on live streaming and On Demand will follow in due course along with announcements of some exciting new features.

Please bear in mind that these plans are subject to change and we will be adhering to guidelines from the government at all times. However if everything goes as outlined we’re really excited to be able to welcome you back shortly though, and help you reach your goals.

Keep your eyes on our App and social media over the coming weeks for exciting news and updates around reopening. We will also continue to email you with any more news.

Following the latest Government announcement on the National Lockdown, it is with deep regret that Active Leeds has to inform you that we will be following the new guidelines and closing all leisure centres and community programmes by noon today.

We will work to the guidelines and will be busy planning to reopen the service as soon as we possibly can.

We have loved having you back with us keeping active, and we can ensure you we will reopen in a safe and well-coordinated fashion. We have already done the hard work, so we hope to open everything as soon as we are allowed too.

Obviously, the situation is very unclear at the moment and our plans could well be subject to change. However, you can rest assured that as always, the interests of our customers will be paramount in any decisions we have to make. As a loyal Active Leeds customer, you don’t have to do anything. We will arrange everything for you. All direct debits will be suspended immediately (swimming lessons, tennis, health and fitness memberships etc) however the notification has come too late for us to prevent direct debit collections for 8th January. Any collections made on 4th and 8th January, will be credited to your account.

We would encourage you not to cancel your direct debit instructions with your bank, as this could impact on you when we reopen. We can ensure that you will not be financially penalised during this period of lockdown. If you have booked for any pay as you play activity, you will be contacted by the relevant leisure centre to confirm cancellation of your booking.

If you have a cash annual membership or paid for any course payments, this will also be suspended and additional weeks, equivalent to the period of lockdown or the rest of the course, will be added when we reopen.

We appreciate the implications of this decision and we share your frustrations. Physical activity is so important for your mental and physical health and we know how important Active Leeds is to you all. We will be doing our best to provide you with opportunities to keep active from home via our live streamed fitness classes on the Active Leeds app. In the next couple of weeks we will also be launching our brand new ‘Active Leeds on Demand’ platform. Active Leeds on Demand contains hundreds of hours of your favourite Active Leeds classes, to watch through your smart device or desktop whenever you like. Look out for further details!

As soon as we have any further updates on the re-opening of leisure centres, we will share this with you immediately. But in the meantime check out the Active Leeds website and app, and keep an eye open for updates across our social channels. Stay safe, and remember we are always here for you.

FAQs for Membership & Course Enquiries

Q. I have an annual membership paid upfront. What is happening with them?

A. Your membership will be extended for the period of the closure so you don’t lose out and an extra month will be added as a good will gesture. 

Q. I bought my membership when you had an offer on. If you extend it and you do an offer at the same period this year what will happen then?

A. We will renew at the price you paid for your existing membership.

Q. What is happening about swimming lessons? Will we be credited for the cancelled lessons we had already paid for?

A. Once we know a date when the Direct Debits can be unsuspended we will amend your Direct Debit for any lessons which need crediting.

Q. I have paid for my child’s gymnastics course upfront. What is happening with these type of courses?

A. Any courses where you have paid up front, such as gymnastics, will be deducted from the next course.

Q. I can’t get through to my Leisure Centre and have a question. Who can I contact?

A. You can call our Customer Services Team on 0113 3788001. They will be able to help you. They are currently working 8:00am to 4:00pm 7 days a week or you can email them at:

The Active Leeds Team