Jane's Diary Week Seven's story

Jane's dairy week 7
I have started to see some improvements to my health based on reducing my coffee intake and increasing the amount of water I drink in a day. I used to live on coffee and was prone to headaches, I would take at least one dose of paracetamol every other day, sometimes even more.
Since I have started to carry my water bottle around with me, my water intake has increased and is more regular. My behaviour change journey started six weeks ago, and although I haven’t stuck to everything I set out to change. My personal water challenge has been the one thing I have literally kept 100% on top of. It was a little bit of an inconvenience having to factor in toilet stops into my busy day, but it’s just the norm now. If you want to try just one little thing to help you in your menopause journey drink more water. Set yourself a small challenge of drinking so much a day. I would suggest small portions, (small glass or cup) there is nothing worse than forcing yourself to drink a litre of water in one serving.