Jane's Diary Week Ten's story

Jane's dairy week 10
Blogging my experiences of trying to get and stay active whilst going through pre-menopause is more challenging than I expected it to be. There so many up and down days that you don’t factor into your weekly plans. As I mentioned in a previous blog dancing is my go-to when I need to release some stress or even just feel good about life! I have been attending the adult community class and we had our annual Christmas performance last weekend.
Leading up to the performance we had extra sessions throughout the week some days I was working all day then rehearsing through to 8.30pm. By Saturday evening the second night of performing, I was so tired and looked like a walking zombie. However, as soon as I stepped on to the stage to dance I dug deep and found the energy and “Danced like nobody was watching”. What I am trying to say is that if you haven’t found that something that can make you smile feel rejuvenated and energised then don’t give up trying out new things. I will always find time and energy to dance because that’s what I have found makes me happy and the plus side is I am less tired and much more flexible. Look out for my next blog I am going to try something completely new I’m going to really challenge myself. You are never too old to try something new…. I am already planning some changes for 2020, obviously, I needed to get through Christmas first. As much I try to put my health and wellbeing first and foremost, like many women with family, friends and pets. We are guilty of placing our needs further down the to-do list. Many times I will put off doing a positive deed for myself to do one for my daughter or to have that extra hour with my grandson. So this year ladies I am going to push and promote.