Jane's Diary Week Three's story

Jane's dairy week 3
This week, instead of hearing from Jane we have a guest post from Lisa who joined a gym to combat menopause symptom and is now inspiring others to come to. Lisa’s Menopause Story
I started experiencing changes in my body when I was 48, I’m now 50 years old. I started experiencing severe temperature changes, hot sweats followed by cold sweats. It made my job difficult as my job is very physical, and I am constantly on my feet. I also struggled to have a consistent sleep throughout the night because of the extreme changes in temperature I was experiencing. After getting the confirmation from my doctor that I had begun ‘the change’, I started googling natural methods to help my mood swings and the hot and cold sweats. I found that physical activity was supposed to be helpful because of the endorphins it releases. So, I put this to the test. I hadn’t been physically active since I left school many years ago really, but I started going to the gym. At first I started light, walking or a light jog. Almost immediately I experienced fewer hot sweats and extreme temperature changes and became more comfortable throughout my day at work. I started bringing friends and colleagues along with me who were experiencing the beginning of their menopause and we all became huge advocates of this method. I now love the gym and I challenge myself both to better my mental health and to help guide me through my menopausal change. Get active ladies! GIRL POWER to Lisa!