Jane's Diary Week Two's story

Jane's dairy week 2
One step at a time… I have done a lot of thinking and planning over the past week. Then suddenly came to the conclusion that my body has changed and evolved so much over the past 50yrs, crawling, walking, running, adolescence, childbirth, post-natal body, and much more. So why do I think that I can make a long list of things I want to change by next week based on mother nature waving her wand and granting me with premenopausal symptoms!!
So I have decided to take one step at a time, and take my time. I have started the week off by taking my water bottle everywhere I go and if I feel like I really need a coffee, I have one and if not I have a swig of my water. And do you know what ladies, it was refreshing mixing it up and I did find myself enjoying the water more, now that I am choosing, rather than forcing myself to drink it. My water intake has definitely increased. My second step this week was ‘turning up’! Not in the sense that some of you might be thinking… J No turning up at the gym (this might be something else for you such as meeting up with a good friend or the park to take a nice walk). So I reached the gym for 8am and had a chat with the member of staff and explained that all I wanted, for now, was a training program that I could build on and see progress in the future. I have chosen not to focus on my spare tyre, nor my wobbly arms. I just want to turn up, do a light exercise program and take it from there. One Step at a time!