Looking after your mind is just as important as your body.

It is important that we stay connected with others and try to have conversations with friends, family, co-workers etc… Whether it’s via phone, video, online or messaging, catching up with those you care about can really lift your mood.

Keeping active can also have a great effect on your mental wellbeing. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and tension. Make sure you are making time to stay active, whether that’s going for a walk or trying some relaxing Yoga in your living room. 

At Active Leeds we are regularly uploading workout videos to try from home on our livestream timetableFacebook​​ and YouTube Channels​​.

Sleep is very important for how we feel, so make sure you are going to bed relaxed and getting plenty of sleep. Having a good sleeping pattern will also help keep you in a good daily routine, which is great for your wellbeing. 

As well as your work make sure you make time for your favourite hobbies.