Privacy policy

  1. The information you provide on your application form will only be used in order to administer your Active Leeds account and to provide you with service information relevant to your membership (and to provide you with information on other Leeds City Council leisure related activities and events, should you opt to receive this).
  2. Your information will be held in accordance UK Data Protection legislation on the basis that it is necessary for the performance of a contract. We may share information with other people and organisations where we are required by law to do so, or with appropriate justification under this legislation. This includes where disclosure is necessary to enable the council or another organisation to exercise its statutory functions (for example, the Department for Work and Pensions or the Police).
  3. Where Active Leeds processes special category data (for example, health information) we will hold this only through your explicit consent or, where appropriate, because the processing is necessary for the purposes of the provision of health or social care or treatment.
  4. Your Active Leeds account and any associated direct debits are administered using a database system provided by our service partner, Gladstone Ltd. Gladstone have access to our database and the personal information contained within it for administrative and maintenance purposes only. They will only share information that is necessary with the third parties named below for the purpose of delivering customer service.
  5. Active Leeds uses Innovatise via Gladstone to provide the provision of an app. Customer name, business name and email address are passed to Innovatise to create your account on the app. Innovatise will collect anonymised statistical data on app usage to enable Active Leeds to deliver the best service it can with the app. All information provided by the Council to Innovatise via Gladstone for processing will adhere to industry standard data transfer protocols and all data will be encrypted. Innovatise will not share this with any third parties.
  6. Active Leeds uses TRP in order to email customers regarding customer updates and marketing. Fitronics, owner of TRP are a data processor of the Council and receive your name, email, age, gender and postcode so that we are able to offer you this service.
  7. Active Leeds uses Technogym as its fitness kit provider. Should you wish to create a Technogym account, your Membership information, including name and date of birth are passed to Technogym via Gladstone for the purpose of creating one synced account. From February 2023, Technogym accounts will be created automatically as part of Active Leeds’ service provision to provide users with the best gym experience possible. This will come into effect for members with Morley as their homesite in February 2023 and all other members April 2023. Should you wish to delete your Technogym account, however, you can contact: 
  8. Active Leeds use Cardstream for the purpose of making card transactions. When you make a payment, Cardstream receive card details and contact information to take the payment.
  9. Active Leeds use Paygate to administer any Direct Debits you have with us. Paygate receive your name, bank account information and Direct Debit value in order to process and take payment for any direct debits you take out. The actual handling of your direct debit will be made by Active Leeds.
  10. Active Leeds use GBG Group in order to validate address and bank details. GBG Group receive, but do not store, your house number, postcode, telephone number and bank account sort code/number in order to do this. GBG group will be conducting a data audit for us in the initial stages of the data transfer to ensure our data is as clean as possible, this is a one off piece of work scheduled to happen in June 2021, any data sent to adheres to standard data transfer protocols.
  11. Where your child is engaged on a Go Learn course, Active Leeds utilise Fitronics as a data processor. Fitronics are allowed access to the Gladstone database to access Swim, Gymnastics and all other courses administered via the Learn2 system for the purpose of product support and maintenance if escalated from Gladstone Support team.
  12. The Council also uses a marketing partner, Alliance Leisure, to assist in the provision of this service. Information you provide to the Council will be processed on Alliance Leisure systems as well as on our own. All information provided by the Council to Alliance Leisure for processing will adhere to industry standard data transfer protocols and all data will be encrypted. Alliance Leisure will not share this with any third parties.
  13. We may also use your data to produce anonymised statistics about how our services are used. We do this so that we can improve the services.
  14. Active Leeds do ask you to supply data for the purpose of equality monitoring when you join, however, you providing this information is completely voluntary and it is held only with your explicit consent. The information is held against your profile in the system but, when presented for the purpose of equality monitoring or funding bids, it is anonymised.
  15. Where you been referred to Active Leeds by one of our healthcare partners, this information is only shared by virtue of your explicit consent. Where this referral is made via the Refer All platform, Refer All act as a data processor of the Council for the processing of this information. Once your information has been shared with Active Leeds, we will contact you to provide further information on the programmes we provide and register you for these accordingly (after which your information will be processed as per paragraphs 1 and 2 of this privacy notice).
  16.  Active Leeds is working in partnership with the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Social Prescribing pilot scheme 2022-2025 (“the pilot scheme”) for the provision of walking and cycling groups. This means if you are referred to walking and cycling groups as part of Active Leeds you would be consenting to your information being shared with Leeds City Council and Urban Foresight Limited to discuss your consent in taking part in the pilot scheme. 
  17. The Council implements CCTV in its leisure centres to prevent and detect crime, and to create a safe environment for customers and staff. Our cameras do not monitor private domestic areas (e.g. changing rooms), and are always clearly visible and signed.
  18. All the personal data you provide as part of your application will retained for the length of your membership, and for up to 24 months after your membership ends. After this point, it will be securely destroyed. The only exception to this is if you have agreed to pay for your Active Leeds membership through Direct Debit, in which case information specifically regarding your Direct Debit payments will be held for 3 years plus the current year in accordance with financial regulations.
  19. Leeds City Council would also like to use the contact details that you have provided to offer you information on other Leeds City Council leisure related activities and events. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please tick the relevant box on your application form. If, at any point in time, you no longer wish to receive this marketing, please contact us at the below address: Customer Service Centre, Leeds City Council, John Charles Centre for Sport, Middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ, Tel: 0113 37 88001 Email: Leeds City Council will then ensure that your details are removed from our records within 5 working day