Active Leeds aims to deliver and support local walking groups, these groups will give you an opportunity to meet new people and explore your local area. These walks look to provide you with an opportunity to be active, meet new people and increase your skills and development. Visit the link below to find your local wellbeing walk. 


Barca-Leeds provide a free walking journal and a 7 day walking challenge. Learn about the benefits of walking and its mindfulness. Please click here to view or download the walk journal.

LeedsRunRoutes is an online showcase of the best run routes on trail, road and canal from across Leeds.




Walk Leader TrainingWalk Leader Training<div class="ExternalClass4B729BCB5C9441869913B2CAC01291DB"><p>The aim of walk leader training is to ensure that all volunteers are trained to a high standard and are able to competently and confidently lead short, free wellbeing walks.</p><p>The one day training course is delivered by local trainers, and <em>will cover the roles and responsibilities of a Walk Leader, the practicalities of planning and leading a walk and some of the scenarios that may be encountered during a walk. Additionally, the programme will include looking at how your walks are promoted, insurance and much more. </em></p><p><br></p></div>
Contact InformationContact Information<div class="ExternalClassE60C47492BF843FC88016D50E3207F0D"><p>If you are interested in finding out about local walks, or you are interested in becoming a walk leader, please get in touch: call 0113 3783680 or by emailing health.programmes@leeds.gov.uk<br></p> <br> </div>