Everything you need to know about Mywellness from Technogym

Our expert instructors will help you plan your fitness goals, with regular reviews and state-of-the-art MyWellness technology to help you get there faster.

Before you take part in your first appointment at one of our facilities, it's important you have both the Mywellness and Active Leeds app downloaded.

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What is Mywellness?

mywellness from Technogym is an online platform that allows access to your exercise and lifestyle data, anytime, anywhere. It can be accessed directly through the gym equipment while you workout, the mywellness app or on the website. You can log in simply by using a QR code on your phone or by entering your login details manually on the kit.

Tracking your workout

As well as tracking your workouts in the gym, you can also connect your other third party fitness apps such as STRAVA, MAYMYRUN and MYFTINESSPAL so all additional workouts away from the leisure centre and nutritional data can be logged via mywellness too. Meaning all those minutes spent on a workout can be logged. You can also keep track of your group fitness workouts by checking in to your class.

Reviewing your progress

Members are encouraged to book in for a mywellness review every 6 weeks. As an annual/monthly paying member this free 30 minute session with an instructor will be used to measure your unique body stats using state of the art Tanita technology.

With the guidance of your instructor you will will assess your progress and provide future training plans and support to help you achieve your goals.

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Our Tanita scales provide an instant analysis of your health and fitness status by measuring your body composition in a matter of seconds. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of your body and allows us to create an effective workout plan that's made specifically for you.

TANITA doesn’t just measure your weight and body fat, it measures…

  • Visceral fat the fat around your vital organs.
  • Muscle mass the weight of your muscles.
  • Metabolic age the age in which you metabolism works at.
  • Body mass index (BMI) a standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.
  • Segmental Muscle Mass & Body Fat Percentage separate muscle mass rating and fat percentage for the core abdominal area, arms and legs.

Your results are stored in your MyWellness App account so you can view and track your progress at any time.