Health Referral Programme

What is the Health Referral Programme?

The Health Referral Programme starts with a conversation about, “what matters to you”. A range of options will be discussed and support provided to access any activity, not just the ones delivered by Active Leeds.

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaches are here to support you to increase your physical activity levels. There are several different types of delivery options including;

  • Online or printed toolkits.
  • LIVE online sessions.
  • Support at home via social media, phone or conference software.
  • Face to face in groups or one to one.
  • Outdoors or Indoor activities.
  • Specialised health programme.
  • Community based activities.

  • When you start the programme, services include regardless of what activity you choose;

  • An initial consultation face to face or on the phone
  • Motivational support
  • Ongoing support for up to 6 appointments.
  • Access to activities to suit your individual needs.

  • If you’re interested in accessing this service please complete the online enquiry form.



    Keep Moving - Health Related Activities in Leisure CentresKeep Moving - Health Related Activities in Leisure Centres<div class="ExternalClassE5C21976BF2F480EBBC7C5639DD35E75"><p>All sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced instructors that can adapt activities to anyone’s need and create personalised programmes for you to follow.</p> <br> <b>Keep Moving</b> <p>Low level, low impact multi activity session that can be adapted to support a wider range of conditions. Suitable for all levels and beginners.</p> <br> <b>Keep Moving - Health Yoga and Mindfulness</b> <p>Improves flexibility, strength and balance, followed by Mindfulness for those that want to de-stress. Suitable for all levels and beginners.</p> <br> <b>Keep Moving – Tai Chi</b> <p>A modernised versions of Tai Chi that are easy to learn and quicker for gaining health benefits. These sessions are very beneficial for anyone with arthritis or any other long term health condition.</p> <br> <b>Keep Moving – Outdoors</b> <p>Low level, low impact multi activity session that can be adapted to support a wider range of conditions, delivered outdoors. Suitable for all levels and beginners.</p> <br> <b>Aqua Mobility</b> <p>Water based class to improve mobility. Movement in water to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness. There is no music in this class. Suitable for beginners.<br></p><p>Check the Active Leeds app for your closest Keep Moving or Aqua Mobility class.<br></p> <br> </div>

    How to get involved


    There are self-referral forms in circulation with health professionals and attached to the Health Programme brochure (these can be collected from leisure centres and some GPs). You can return the forms by post. For more details, please see theExternal link opens in new windowGetting Started Page.

    Note – we may need more information about your health condition that may require a referrals from a Health Professional.

    Active Leeds provide an enhanced physical activity offer for people attending the following weight management programmes:

    •One You Leeds 
    •Fit Fans Leeds United Foundation
    •Try Club Leeds Rhinos Foundation

    For more details please visit: External link opens in new window

    Chair Based

    Chair Based

    Contact Details

    If you have any queries or would like to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: Active Leeds Health Programmes Team

    Call: 0113 3783680


    Postal Address: John Charles for Sport, Middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ