Getting Started

Getting started with Active Leeds Health Programmes

Our programmes support people to;

  • Start moving
  • Move more
  • Use movement to manage health conditions
  • Improve mobility

The journey starts with a conversation with a Health and Wellbeing Coach. You will be contacted and asked some questions based on the information submitted to start a conversation about, “What matters to you!” Support will be given to access any programme or activity, even ones that are not delivered by Active Leeds.

Strength and Balance Referral Referral (Frailer Older Adults);

Leeds Encouraging Activity in People

This programme is available within certain area of Leeds and for people who are inactive and living health conditions. Please refer to LEAP webpage for further information on this programme.

Team Contact Details

Note: Healthcare Professionals can refer directly to Active Leeds via the Healthy Living template or CCSP Template on Systmone and EMIS.