Rookie Lifeguard is aimed at children aged 8 – 12 years; the scheme begins with Stage 1 of the Bronze Award and progresses to Stage 3 of the Gold Award. The programme gives your child the skills they need to be confident in water as well as teaching teamwork and peer support.

Built into the programme are lessons in valuable survival, rescue, first aid and sports skills. Lessons are delivered in an exciting way that will get children involved and motivated. The course can also run parallel to your child’s current swimming lessons and will enhance the skills they learn in the pool.

RLSS UK’s Rookie Lifeguard is part of the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway developed by the Swim England and is taught by RLSS UK approved instructors.

Senior Lifesaving builds on from Rookie Lifeguard the programme teaches responsibility, teamwork and leaderships skills. Entry into Senior Lifesaving is often gained via the Rookie Lifeguard Programme but is available to any child aged 12 years and over with the necessary swim skills. There is no upper age limit for Senior Lifesavers, as the knowledge and skills learned are just as valuable to people of all ages

Senior Lifesaving incorporates the RLSS UK’s Survive & Save Programme, a lifesaving awards programme for teens and adults (12years+). The awards are challenging but fun to complete and are arranged into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of four different strands; Lifesaving, Sport Lifesaving, Stillwater and Beach, to ensure that you continue to develop your lifesaving skills as you progress through the awards.

Senior Lifesaving at Leeds offers two of the four strands; Lifesaving and Sport Lifesaving. The awards teach lifesaving rescue, self-rescue, survival, lifesaving sport skills and also develop swimming ability and fitness in each strand. Senior Lifesavers also have access to local, regional and National Lifesaving Sport competitions and championships.

Children participating in the Duke of Edinburgh awards can satisfy many of the required elements within the Survive & Save Programme.


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