Your Wellbeing

We are all having to stay at home more at the moment, it’s important to try keep your spirits up. Looking after your mind is just as important as your body.

It can be a very stressful and lonely time with plenty of challenges, but what we are being asked to do by the government will help not only ourselves but others.

It is important that we stay connected with others and try to have conversations with friends, family, co-workers etc… Whether it’s via phone, video, online or messaging, catching up with those you care about can really lift your mood.

Sharing your concerns with others can also help them seem manageable, a problem shared can be a problem halved.

Keeping active can also have a great effect on your mental wellbeing. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and tension. Make sure you are making time to stay active, whether that’s going for a walk or trying some relaxing Yoga in your living room. You may need to rejig your usual patterns to exercise outdoors in the darker months. 

At Active Leeds we are regularly uploading workout videos to try from home on our livestream timetableFacebook​​ and YouTube Channels​​.

Sleep is very important for how we feel, so make sure you are going to bed relaxed and getting plenty of sleep. Having a good sleeping pattern will also help keep you in a good daily routine, which is great for your wellbeing. 

As well as your work make sure you make time for your favourite hobbies, whether that’s putting your feet up with a book or watching your favourite Netflix show.

Please take a look at the government’s guidance for staying at home: 



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