Getting Started

Getting started with Active Leeds Health Programmes
Active Leeds Health Programmes supports people to;
  • Start moving
  • Move more
  • Use movement to manage health conditions.
  • Improve mobility.
  • The journey starts with a conversation with a Health and Wellbeing Coach. The team will contact you and ask some questions based on the information submitted to start a conversation about, “What matters to you!” Support will be given to access any programme or activity, even ones that are not delivered by Active Leeds.

    Referrals are accepted by;
  • Click here to complete the online referral form
  • Phone:0113 3783680
  • Post: Health Programmes Team, Active Leeds, John Charles Centre for Sport, Middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ
  • Note: Healthcare Professionals can refer directly to Active Leeds via the Healthy Livingtemplate on Systmone and EMIS.



    What happens next?What happens next?<div class="ExternalClassC366A21F20A84F7B84C047D46630894F"><p>Anyone can self-refer to Active Leeds Health Programmes with <b>any health condition</b>. We will be in contact within 14 days to inform you how to activate your referral and to support you in getting started.</p><p>The Health Programmes Team may need more information and require details from a Health Professional, especially when a self-referral has multiple health conditions or conditions are not controlled.</p><p>There will be regular contact between you and your coach. The amount of support depends on your personal circumstances.</p> </div>
    Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions<div class="ExternalClassB7EBD5FB8FAD4012B7A5DD4A76662996"> <b>I am eligible for support from Health Programmes?</b> <p>There is a basic inclusion criteria for people accessing Health Programmes. These are; </p><p></p><p>-Participants must be 18 years or over.</p><p>-Must be a resident of Leeds.</p><p>-Must be able to receive instruction and be willing to participate in activities.</p><p>-Be motivated to move more.</p><div></div> <b>What will the programme cost me?</b> <p>Support from the team is free. We are here to give advice and point anyone in the direct direction. There are a range of options from no cost, low cost and activities that are chargeable. We will discuss what options suit you when we contact you.<br></p><div></div> <b>What activities can I access?</b> <p>You can access any activity you want, even activities not delivered by Active Leeds. We can provide support that is self-guided, in small groups or within mainstream services. Activities can range from home programmes, outdoor, indoor or at leisure centres. We can support remotely or in person. Please remember all support and activities by Active Leeds are COVID secure.</p><div></div> <b>Who will be supporting me?</b> <p>All coaches are level 4 Specialist Exercise Practitioners. They are qualified to support people with mobility problems and health conditions. All staff have over 10 years’ experience at delivering clinical rehabilitation programmes but also fun mainstream fitness, sport and wellbeing groups.</p><div></div> <b>What activities are local to me?</b> <p>We don’t know every activity across Leeds but we do aim to provide support to you in your local area. We will research opportunities with our local partners and will involve you in finding local opportunities, so that you find the right activity. Remember the best activity is the one you keep doing time and time again.</p></div>