Triathlon is a multidiscipline sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running. It's a great sport to keep you active, and by taking on the three elements, you can keep training fun and varied.

If you're looking to have a go at Triathlon for the first time, or are already a seasoned triathlete, you're in the right place. Leeds has so many opportunities to train for and get more involved in Triathlon. With top class training facilities across the city, as well as a host of triathlete role models such as Jess Learmonth and the Brownlee brothers living and training in Leeds, you couldn't ask for a better environment in which to pursue your Triathlon goals.

Where do I start?

With so many opportunities on offer, it can be hard to know where to start. On this page are some suggestions about what sessions could be right for you, depending on your age and experience level. For information regarding local Swim Bike Run events which will help with your training, visit Swim Bike Run – British Triathlon