Junior Swimming Lessons 5 - 14 years

Lessons are divided into stages where children will learn fundamental movement skills before having the opportunity to develop in a specific aquatic discipline. At each stage there are a range of outcomes children must achieve in order to progress to the next stage.

Children must pass all of the outcomes at each stage in order for them to pass and achieve that award. Children will be assessed on a continuous basis and will progress as they are ready. Our programme runs from preschool to stage 8. As children achieve stage 7 of the pathway there are numerous aquatic opportunities available.

Badges and certificates are available so you can chart your child's progress as they reach each milestone in their swimming lessons. These can be purchased from your leisure centre reception.

All stages of the swimming lesson programme run for 50 weeks per year and payment is by direct debit monthly.

We offer junior swimming lessons at all of our leisure centre swimming pools. 

Should you know you need to book an assessment for a child please visit our Homeportal page: select your preferred centre, apply the holiday and short courses filter and select Swim Assessment. 

Games-based approach

The easiest way for a child to acquire the skills above is through fun and games. Games are an ideal way for children to develop their jigsaw of skills and may even lead to them learning how to combine one skill with another. Our swimming teachers are encouraged to teach the individual skills in a fun way to make learning fun and interesting rather than repetitious.

The Learn to Swim Pathway process ultimately results in a child being able to le​arn skills that are transferable to another aquatic or land based sport, such as throwing, catching, somersaults etc.

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