Swimming Lessons



Junior Swimming LessonsJunior Swimming Lessonshttps://active.leeds.gov.uk/classesandactivities/swimming/junior-swimming-lessons, Junior Swimming Lessonstwo blockLink promo blue
Junior Disabled Swimming LessonsJunior Disabled Swimming Lessonshttps://active.leeds.gov.uk/classesandactivities/swimming/junior-disabled-swimming-lessons, Junior Disabled Swimming Lessonstwo blockLink promo purple
Adult and Child Swimming LessonsAdult and Child Swimming Lessonshttps://active.leeds.gov.uk/classesandactivities/swimming/adult-and-child-swimming-lessons, Adult and Child Swimming Lessonstwo blockLink promo turquoise
Adult Swimming LessonsAdult Swimming Lessonshttps://active.leeds.gov.uk/classesandactivities/swimming/adult-swimming-lessons, Adult Swimming Lessonstwo blockLink promo orange
Beginners Lessons for Older ChildrenBeginners Lessons for Older Childrenhttps://active.leeds.gov.uk/classesandactivities/swimming/teen-swim-lessons, Beginners Lessons for Older Childrentwo blockLink promo blue

Swimming is an important life skill for everyone and swimming lessons are the perfect way to ensure you and your children are confident and safe in the water throughout your lives. Swimming is also one of the safest and most popular forms of exercise!​​​​​

By learning to swim and getting the essentials right you are more likely to enjoy swimming opportunities in the future – at your local pool, on holiday, at the beach.

Learning to swim also opens up many sports opportunities. Water polo, diving, canoeing, sailing and snorkelling are just a few examples of fun activities based in and around water.


All of our swimming lessons are run by fully qualified Swimming Teachers. Our Teachers hold a minimum level 2 swim teaching qualification and receive ongoing continuous professional development. We pride ourselves on delivering swimming lessons of the highest quality. We deliver the national Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway, an all-inclusive programme designed to develop children’s skills to achieve their fullest potential.

Ensuring your child learns to swim could not only save their life but can open up a world of opportunities for social and health benefits.