To join our disability hub lessons, children are required to be assessed and will then be placed in the most appropriate group for their ability, we have 5 options available and so we are able to accommodate most children’s needs. If you are interested in these lessons please contact any leisure centre that holds swimming lessons where you will be asked to fill out a “swimming lesson adaption form”. You will then be contacted by a member of the Aquatics team who will arrange for your child to have an assessment.

Please note: Depending upon the outcome of the assessment you may have to be placed on a waiting list.

Swimming Lesson Adaption Form (PDF, 202 KB)

We currently run Junior Disabled lessons at the following leisure centres:

Customer testimonials

"I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helps provide the disabled young people's swimming lessons. Since starting in December last year, my nine-year-old ASC son has not only learned to swim but to socialise. James has received his first ever party invite for a friend's birthday and he had a great time there. But most importantly you have provided us with an activity which provides me and James with quality 1:1 time, which we both look forward to every single week. Thank you so much."

"Our son who is four-years-old has Autism. As a result he really struggles with crowded places, bright lights and does not like water on his head/face. In September 2015 he has started disability swimming lessons at Fearnville Leisure Centre. From the outset the instructors have been really friendly and patient with him, allowing him to progress at his own pace without any pressure to undertake certain activities and have even altered their lessons to meet his abilities and sensory difficulties, whilst constantly trying different ways of getting him to try new things. Whilst progress has been slow, their patience means he has gradually developed his increased confidence in the water. He will now jump in, put his head in the water and kick his legs and he now enjoys his time in the swimming pool. We would recommend these sessions to other children with similar disabilities."

"Jude is an eight-year-old boy with Global Developmental Delay. He has learning disabilities and cannot walk yet. Swimming benefits Jude physically - he can walk in water, which he cannot do on land. By swimming he is building strength in his legs and arms. Also, it is great fun. He has made new friends and it's great therapy."

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