Swimming Lessons for 9-14 years

These lessons are suitable for children aged 9-14 years. We understand that there are lots of older children/young adults who haven't learnt to swim and still want to. Lessons create a friendly learning environment for children of a similar age and ability level. Swimmers work towards the Swim England distance badges.

Teen 1 (Confidence):

For older beginners (roughly 9 years- 14 years) or those who cannot swim two recognisable strokes (10M each).

Teen 2 (Swimmer):

For older children who can swim 2 different strokes (10 minutes each minimum).

Swimmers stay in this group until they can swim 100M (2 Strokes minimum).

Progress from here can be into Junior SwimFit or SwimFit (age dependant), mainstream lessons depending on age or adult lessons if aged 14 or over. 

Lessons are available at JCCS, Armley and Holt Park.