Swim For You

Why YOU should make time to swim.

The benefits of swimming are huge. Many swimmers say it eases aches and pains and helps them sleep. For others, the regular exercise improves their mood, keeps them fit and helps them lose weight.

The national body for swimming, 'Swim England' highlights eight main benefits:

  • Full body workout
  • Great for general wellbeing
  • De-stresses and relaxes
  • Burns calories
  • Lowers risk of diseases
  • Supports the body
  • Increases energy levels
  • Exercise without the sweat

Whatever your motivation to swim, the unique benefits of water make it the ideal place for people of all ages to exercise. Swimming is particularly beneficial for people with long term health conditions providing your body with far more support than other forms of exercise.

With 14 pools across Leeds you can enjoy swimming at a variety of locations and sessions and even fit them in before or after work, during your luch break, or at weekends with your family.

If you have  spare time during the week then you might prefer one of our quieter day time sessions, where you can improve your fitness and relax.

Whatever your reason come and discover why swimming is great all-round and not just for exercise.


What do you need?

Swimming costume/shorts


Toiletries if you want to use our showers

£1 coin for locker

You can also visit our swim shop in reception for costumes, towels,goggles and lots of other brilliant swim accessories to help improve the enjoyment of your swim. All of our centres have a hair dryer or a wall mounted dryer avaialble for you to use.