Keeping Well at Home

Active Leeds and Public Health have created Keeping Well at Home Resources to support people who prefer to be active from home. The resources are designed to support individuals that have been identified as clinically vulnerable or are managing an ongoing health condition. There are a range of digital and physical resources available and can be requested External link opens in new window via our enquiry form. There are also support programmes available to keep people motivated and provide tailored personalised activities for people with health or mobility problems.

Resources include;

  • Printed and online versions of the Keeping Well at Home Booklets
  • DVDs of Keeping Well at Home exercise classes
  • The online Keeping Well at Home activity programme via Zoom
  • Activity Support Programme.
  • YouTube videos of Keeping Well at Home activities
  • Digital Tablet Loan Scheme
  • Online Peer Support Groups
  • If you would like a to know more about the Keeping Well at Home resources or support programmes, call us on 0113 3783680 or email

    If you would like to request any resources, External link opens in new windowplease click here and complete an enquiry form. One of our team will be in touch soon.



    Online Keeping Well at Home ProgrammeOnline Keeping Well at Home Programme<div class="ExternalClass3C158A7BED6B41B49915E3F6AA61FC62">​ <p>Active Leeds are delivering the Keeping Well at Home programme  over Zoom. This includes 30 minutes of gentle activities followed by a chat and a brew. The gentle activities are suitable for all levels, for people with mobility issues and health problems. The Health and Wellbeing Coaches will be in regular contact, keeping people motivated and providing personalised support.</p><p>If you are interested, <a href="">please click here and complete an enquiry form</a>. One of the team will be in touch soon.</p> <br></div>
    Activity Support ProgrammeActivity Support Programme<div class="ExternalClass7378DF8F12A1472EAEEFE6C97B182BB3"> <p>If you think you need support with keeping moving but don’t feel comfortable with Zoom activities, then the Activity Support Programme can help you. You can have a chat with one of our Health and Wellbeing Coaches via phone, text, email or digitally and they will support you in keeping active. There are plenty of self-guided resources that we can help you find and to keep you motivated.</p><p>If you are interested, <a href="">please click here and complete an enquiry form</a>. One of the team will be in touch soon.</p> <br></div>
    Online Peer Support GroupsOnline Peer Support Groups<div class="ExternalClass888F8A0459F542389F8956725B85C300"><p>These groups bring people together to have a chat to keep people connected. Delivered by Linking Leeds and Leeds City Council, these groups are designed to share experiences and keep socially connected. You don’t have to take part in any activities but taster sessions will be on offer, if you want to try something new.</p><p>If you’re interested <a href=""></a> or call 0113 222 4444. Ask to speak to an operator. They will take your details and we will call you back.</p></div>
    Digital Tablet Loan SchemeDigital Tablet Loan Scheme<div class="ExternalClassC88FF0B0F89E4163831C633FD143021E"><p>Active Leeds and Linking Leeds are working with Leeds 100% Digital to improve people’s access to the internet and digital devices. There is the opportunity for people to request a loan tablet if they want to access the programmes such as the Online Keeping Well at Home or the Online Peer Support Groups. If you need a tablet to access these programmes, please mention this when speaking to the coordinator.</p> </div>
    YouTubeYouTube<div class="ExternalClass4FE3527A36654553857369AA24D788FF"><p>If you are looking for classes to access anytime take a look at our <a href="">YouTube</a> where you will find activities suitable for ages and ability levels. There are a range of activities available to keep people inspired and motivated. Activities include; </p><ul><li>Keeping Well at Home exercises. (Strength and Balance)</li><li>Keep Moving – Range of activities around the home, for mind and body and short bouts of structured activities.</li><li>Cardiac Rehabilitation activities</li><li>Escape Pain for people with Osteoarthritis</li><li>Replays of our Live Streams</li></ul><br></div>

    The Opens in new window Keeping Well at Home booklet (PDF, 2.5MB) has lots of ideas and suggestions to help us keep well. It is written for those with less or no access to online resources and includes a list of helpful contact numbers. Ask a friend, family member or volunteer to help find and print additional resources if possible.

    There are resources for children and young people available on our children and young people's area of our Healthy at Home website. The Ready Set Rainbow documents have been specially curated by the Active Leeds team.