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The first time you step in to a gym can be daunting but not with our Active Leeds instructors on hand to provide a friendly and supportive welcome.​

What do I need to do to attend an Active Leeds gym?


Book an initial gym session at your local leisure centre on a day and time to suit you. This will provide you with a 60 minute window to meet with your dedicated instructor. Your instructor will provide you with the knowledge on the various pieces of equipment and how best to use them.

Whether you're new to the gym floor or an avid gym goer, our qualified instructors will provide the best possible experience for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

During your appointment with our friendly team of instructors, you can expect:

•A consultation around your current lifestyle and your health and fitness goals

•An optional health check using Tanita Body Composition Scales to identify your current physical wellbeing

•A personalised fitness plan via MyWellness based on your goals

What is Mywellness?

Mywellness from Technogym is an online platform that allows access to your exercise and lifestyle data, anytime, anywhere. It can be accessed directly through the gym equipment while you workout, the mywellness app or on the website. You can log in simply by using a QR code on your phone or by entering your login details manually on the kit.

Click here to visit mywellness.

Or visit our Mywellness page.


Whether you’re looking to save money by paying for your membership annually or looking for a flexible monthly rolling contract, we offer a great selection of memberships that not only permit access to the gym but to fitness classes, swimming pool, squash and discount on other activities.

Explore our gym memberships on our dedicated page

If a membership isn't for you, don't worry. You can still access our Gyms and pay per session.

Active Leeds App

Visit your app store and download the Active Leeds App. This will allow you to set up your favourite centres and access timetables at the touch of a button. You can also book your sessions via the app keeping everything in one place.

Click here to download the Active Leeds App.

Equipment within our centres varies dependant on the range installed at that particular site.


Aireborough, Armley, Holt Park, John Smeaton, Middleton, Morley, Rothwell, Scott Hall, Pudsey, Garforth, John Charles Centre for Sport and Wetherby

Take a closer look at some of our equipment here

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