Aireborough Leisure Centre Development

Development Plan


Work is progressing on a Sport England and Leeds City Council funded scheme to improve Aireborough Leisure Centre.

At the same time, the council is opening a new Community Hub at the centre, including relocating Guiseley library and providing access to a range of council services in one place. The centre will then be known as Active Leeds, Aireborough Centre.

 Update on re-opening

Q. The Pool has been closed for over a year when will it open?

A. The pools closed in June 2017 to allow asbestos surveys and removals to be undertaken. The dry-side activities in the rest of the Leisure Centre have remained open throughout the works. The contractors started on site in September 2017, following the initial asbestos removals. The expected completion date was 15th May 2018. The construction contract is now expected to complete at the end of June 2019, there will then follow a four week period for client (centre) fit-out. A final opening date will be published as soon as possible.

Q. Why such a long delay?

A. Due to the age of the building, a number of issues have arisen during the contract period, which did not appear on the initial condition surveys and could not have been identified until parts of the building were opened up. It was considered prudent to take the opportunity to address these issues whilst the contractor is on site. The main issues were;

  • Asbestos- initial surveys had identified asbestos in various areas of the building and this was removed before the main contract commenced. However, as demolition work commenced previously sealed areas of the building were exposed, and further asbestos was identified, which needed to be removed in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.

  • Roofs- leaks were identified from flat roofs over two areas, these roofs have been repaired as part of the contract works
  • We appreciate these delays are frustrating for everyone but they are due to the condition of parts of the 1960’s building which could not be accessed before the contract commenced. The contractor has advised that the overall impact of rectifying the issues above has pushed the contract completion date to the end of June 2019. We will continue to press the contractor to ensure that the works are completed as soon as possible. There will then follow a period estimated at 4 weeks for client (centre) fit-out and preparation.
Q. What will be different when the pools re-open?

A. The scheme will provide the following:

  • • New entrance, with easy access from the car park and an improved façade 
  • • Improved reception area to provide a light and airy space that is both welcoming and accessible to users 
  • • New tiles to both pools and surrounds 
  • • New Community Hub providing access to a range of council services
  • • Guiseley Library – relocated from its current location 
  • • New ‘village’ style changing facilities comprising: 
  • o Changing cubicles of varying sizes to allow single or family changing 
  • o Group changing rooms for schools / clubs – which can also be used as male and female changing rooms when required 
  • o ‘Changing places’ facility for people with profound or multiple disabilities which is fitted with specialist equipment including a hoist and changing bench 
  • o Open and single shower areas to allow access by families, but privacy for those who need it 
  • o Vanity area with hairdryers / mirrors

Q. Are any further works planned to the Leisure Centre?

A. There are plans to improve and expand the capacity of the car park at the rear of the building. This will include removal of the roundabout and access improvements. These works will follow on from the completion of the main contract and may involve the closure of the car park for 8 weeks.

The service is also considering improvements to the Gym and other spaces in the dry-side areas of the Centre. Further details will be made public as and when the proposals are more clearly defined.

  • Please note that all other areas and activities that are not associated with the refurbishment remain open as normal