Active Leeds work in partnership with various local partners and organisations that support people to live with health conditions. These include educational programmes, peer support groups and activity classes delivered to help people manage their health condition.

Active Leeds is supported by the Richmond Group which consists of 15 national charities that support people to manage their health condition. Active Leeds is also funded through Sport England to locally activate the, “We are Undefeatable” campaign and provide support to local groups in becoming more physically active.

The aim of the campaign is to promote the positive benefits that being physical active can have whilst living with a long term health condition. It aims to create better awareness and irradiate the stigma that those with long term health conditions can’t take part in physical activity. We want to be able to inspire and support those living with a condition to be physically active.

  • Rest isn’t best
  • Some activity is better than no activity
  • Start slowly and build up.
  • You will have good days and bad days, make best of the good and don’t be hard on yourself for a bad day
  • Be active your way and do somethnig that you enjoy
  • If possible, find someone to be active with
  • Move more - Activities such as cleaning, vacuuming, gardening, walking and climbing stairs all count.
  • Help with becoming active is available through Active Leeds and the partners mentioned.

This page is dedicated to promoting local opportunities across the city for people with health conditions to find support. If you want to add information, please contact the team or to get started visit: Getting Started